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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin and LL Cool J at odds over his "appearance" on Sarah Palin's new show.

Although I think it is wrong of Fox Television to imply that someone is appearing on Sarah Palin's television show now because they did an interview for Fox two years earlier, I also think that the Fox promo that was generated for Sarah Palin's show is solid work. The Promo doesn't try and mislead one into thinking that Sarah Palin actually interviewed LL Cool J.

Hasn't Katie Couric been featured in a past promotion in a similar way to how Sarah Palin is being featured in the Fox Promo of her television show? It would have been interesting if Fox had first sent a promo out to all the people appearing in the promo to see if they approved.

If advance notice had been given, I wonder if LL Cool J would have been so uppity about being included.


evision said...

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Alessandro Machi said...

Your job offer looks somewhat scammy. And the Trump image does not help either.

I will leave this up for a short while just in case someone wants to try it, but PLEASE, IF anybody KNOWS ABOUT THIS COMPANY and knows it is a scam, please let me know and I will remove it right away.

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