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Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Men Get Ahead, How Women get Left Behind, How Barack Obama "won" the 2008 democratic nomination, courtesy of King of Queens.

When I saw the above scene from the King of Queens, Season 6, Episode 7, Affidavit Justice, it just explains so well how men get ahead, how women get left behind, and how Barack Obama won. Just click here to see the scene. You only need to watch the first 80 seconds of this youtube clip, the kitchen table scene until Doug leaves the room, to have it all explained.

Doug is Barack Obama, Arthur is Harry Reid, and Carrie is Hillary Clinton. Doug (Barack Obama) has just discovered he's being considered for an attorney's position (aka president) even though he isn't qualified and does not have a law degree. (ahem)

Carrie (Hillary Clinton) is shocked that Doug can so easily get a position he hasn't earned. Arthur, (Harry Reid), berates Carrie for keeping "the man down". Even after Doug leaves the room, the discussion turns to a misspelling on a family tree search. Gasp.

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