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Friday, March 12, 2010

California Politicians CRUSH the No Cussing Club when they should be EMBRACING It.

Click here to go to the No Cussing Club.

Image from Gun Toting Liberal. Please link responsibly and give credit to Gun Toting Liberal if you use the image directly above.

If the No Cussing week resolution cannot be passed because California has a budget deficit to deal with, why not pass a "No Cussing until the Budget is passed" resolution instead? Instead of the condescending tone that many "adults" and politicians are taking towards the no cussing resolution, why not strengthen the no cussing resolution instead?
How about the "Politicians pay a 25 dollar fine (plus a 10 dollar fee for the follow up cuss that is sure to follow for cussing in the first place) every time they cuss before they approve a budget," resolution. Fining politicians every time they cuss while negotiating a new budget could end bringing in enough additional revenue to actually help solve the budget impasse.
The idea that the No Cussing resolution is just fluff is the type of condescending tone that bullies use. Did you know that high school bullying drops 90% when kids cuss less?

Is it possible that the guy who regularly cusses in high school might be more likely to engage in domestic abuse later on? I don't know if such a study has been done, however, I believe that someone who cusses all the time would more likely to be a domestic abuser later on in life.
So if politicians don't take the No Cussing bill seriously, are they closet serial domestic abusers? Is the no Cussing Resolution being stalled by Politicians who like to spank women?

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