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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

John McCain wanted to suspend his 2008 campaign to focus on the bank bailout bill, Barack Obama and MSNBC accused McCain of being afraid to Debate!

I still find this one of the daffiest moments from the 2008 presidential election. There is a huge bankster bailout bill proposal and John McCain is like, time out, we have to focus on this. This is more important than the presidential debate.

Barack Obama and MSNBC's response is to ridicule John McCain incessantly as they accuse McCain of not being able to both prepare for a debate and be involved in the bankster bailout bill at the same time.

I guess Barack Obama had already prepared new speeches to deliver during that debate and something as trivial as a bankster bailout bill was not going to get in the way. Keith Olbermann really layed into McCain over this issue as well.

What was it Hillary Clinton said about Barack Obama having a speech from 2004....?

Barack Obama was in favor of not maximizing the focus on the bankster bailout bill because he had a debate to attend. Does anybody see the irony in that?


LanceThruster said...

Wasn't McCain the one who told Bush to say he was "called back" to DC to lead the bailout discussion when in fact it wasn't true? Didn't he also fabricate an excuse not to do something so he could instead appear on David Letterman's show?

I do not think of McCain as an icon for truthfulness, let alone "truthiness". HRC's Tuzla recollections present the same sort of problem.

Alessandro Machi said...

Very funny.

Letterman ripped McCain on his show because McCain did a Katie Couric interview instead of appearing on Letterman's show.

What motivation would Bush have for not wanting McCain involved? The only motivation I could think of is Bush not wanting the next possible president of the United States actually being involved when Bush himself stayed out of the loop.

Other than that wacky scenario, McCain would have been welcomed and considering all the outrageous loopholes that were put into the bailout bill, what about Barack "I can multi task" Obama?

If you read the story link article that I provided, you would see that McCain wanted both Barack and himself to handle the bailout bill from Washington rather than from across the country.

Alessandro Machi said...

As for HRC's truthfulness, in comparison to what Barack Obama has said and not said about his past, its a non issue.

As for present day, Hillary Clinton has set foot in probably at least 30 countries by now and has walked the walk.

LanceThruster said...

Thanks for the correction re: Letterman.

As to truth; it is not based on relative comparisons; and what has been said "in the past" has every bearing on veracity. I am unhappy with much of Pres. Obama's statements that have not held up and would want a consistent standard applied.

From my perspective, PUMA's in general are quite unable to do that.

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