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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Irrelevance of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren.

Thankfully I missed the Tiger Woods Press conference earlier today. As I write this I have no idea what Tiger Woods said at the Press Conference, and I'm not interested.

When I analyzed what lifestyle options Tiger Woods could have taken that would not have caused such an uproar, I realized Tiger Woods was screwed no matter what he did. When I analyze what lifestyle options Elin Nordegren could have taken, I question her decision to choose to marry Tiger Woods.

If Tiger Woods had decided to not get married he would have been in a virtual sports and entertainment news gossip spotlight crossover hell as possibly the most eligible business man sport celebrity bachelor on the planet. As such, Tiger could have literally multiplied all the advances he has gotten as a married man by a hundred if he had remained single rather than married.

The problem someone like Tiger Woods faces is no matter what he did or does it will create huge scrutiny. If Tiger had remained unmarried and completely square in his romantic life, he would probably be ridiculed by the media, accused of being secretly gay, (not that there's anything wrong with that), or constantly be the subject of matchmaking rumors and someone who was constantly breaking his lovers' hearts and moving on.

If Tiger was a single, club hopping dude who broke women's hearts (aka one night stands) it would have fueled even more romantic advances as women viewed Tiger as a trophy husband they planned on landing!

I think Tiger did us all a favor by getting married and sparing us the agony of over zealous media attention about his personal life.
I am grateful that a married Tiger Woods spared us years of pointless stories about Tiger's love life.
This brings us to Elin Nordegen. Do you think Tiger was the only one who seriously wooed Elin? Isn't it possible that Elin had to know that the higher up the food chain she picked her mate, the more likely her spouse was going to be "in demand" and prone to giving into temptation?

What if we found out that there were perfectly honorable, attractive, wealthy men who had wooed Elin but Elin rejected them all because she pretended Tiger was all those things, and wealthier? Has even ONE SECOND of media time been devoted to the stand up guy that Elin REJECTED so she could have the number one "prize" on the planet?

Maybe Elin had everything she ever wanted elsewhere, but chose Tiger for the excitement, additional fame and obscene wealth Tiger would provide her.
If Tiger and Elin had been serious about their marriage, Elin would have traveled with Tiger to each and every venue he competed in, even if it meant towing the kids along.
I do have empathy that Elin could contract some type of communicable disease because of Tiger's adventures. Other than the communicable disease aspect, I have no additional empathy for Elin because Elin probably rejected a stand up, attractive wealthy man who WOULD NOT have cheated on her prior to marrying Tiger Woods.

Instead, Elin chose to go for the Gold. Elin's personal outrage that led to possibly physically assaulting Tiger opened the media floodgates to all the type of news reports about Tiger's love life that we thankfully were not exposed to for so many years.
Elin held all the cards when she found about Tiger's affairs and she never once considered all the garbage that would be spewed into the media if she handled the situation incorrectly.
As a result of Elin's over blown self importance we have all been exposed to the Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren non story, which has taken away attention from real issues, like the 10,000 homeowners that are foreclosed upon each and every day in the United States.

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