Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Global Warming, Global Warning, Global Microwaving, Global Something, thats for sure, maybe.

I'm not convinced we are going through Global Warming, we might be, we might not be. However, we could be going through global "warning". Something may be going on globally, but we don't know what it is yet, and by the time something could happen, we may be saved by Peak Oil which reduces the amount of oil we regularly consume. Possible, no?

You would think the term global warning would have been a wiser choice of phrase than global warming because it gives more latitude to the eco movement to say "I told you so". If the earth is either cooling or warming, the term global warning could still apply. I kind of wonder if somebody mistyped the phrase as global warming when it first came out, and now regrets not calling it global warning. (suddenly I feel like I have channeled the living Andy Rooney). "Ever wonder why the ecologists didn't use the term global warning instead of global warming".........

I personally think we are going through global microwaving. Holes in the ozone layer allow some of the suns rays to act as lasers that pretty much burn up whatever water based cell life they come in contact with on the planets surface. Fortunately, because the earth is both spinning and orbiting around the sun at the same time, the rays that get through are constantly moving onto new targets.

The result is kind of what happens to food after it has been warmed up by a microwave, water molecules are first agitated as the microwave warms up the food, and as the food cools, this water vapor goes up into the atmosphere. If you have ever noticed what happens to uneaten microwaved food, it becomes dry and hard after it has cooled.

It is possible that global microwaving first heats up cell life on the planets surface, then causes additional releases of humidity into the upper atmosphere that can then cause a new chain of events to occur. For instance, additional humidity in the upper atmosphere can cause different spectrum of the suns rays to deflect back into space before they ever even reach the earth!

So even as the suns rays that are slipping through ozone holes are simultaneously microwaving small portions of the planet's surface on a continual basis, the result of that microwaving, release of humidity back into the upper atmosphere, could ironically then be deflecting other rays of the suns spectrum back into outer space.

So what causes the holes in the Ozone Layer? Al Gore's jet and Nancy Pelosi's military flights.

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