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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily PUMA is making it easier to track many important blogs at the same time.

The Daily PUMA page format is crammed with PUMA blogs, plus some environmental, key economic and banking blogs, plus several blogs by independent women as well. I am constantly discovering new, important stories that I might otherwise miss if I didn't regularly check in to Daily PUMA.

What makes DailyPUMA useful to many is that not only can one check the latest stories from literally a hundred different blogs, but DailyPUMA is auto updating all the blogs as well, so if you check back a few hours later, the newest stories are on the top of the right two columns.

DailyPUMA makes it easier to keep in touch with a blog that may be temporarily not writing new material. A blog may go two weeks without a new post, but the moment they post a new article, it should appear at the top of a DailyPUMA column within an hour.

For those who take a moment to check the left side of the blog, besides important links at the top of the left column, there are several dozen blogs lower on the left column page that cover the full political spectrum.

The "PUMA movement" started over how Hillary Clinton was mistreated by her own party in the 2008 presidential elections. However, the PUMA movement has now grown into separate groups that realize it is important to question the mainstream media on a regular basis while still supporting Hillary Clinton.

The center column features new columns every day or two. DailyPUMA gives out many more hits than it receives and is happy to assist in increasing hits for the blogs that appear on here. Hopefully you will see the time saving value that all blogs that are found on DailyPUMA contribute to you as you access their articles in a quick manner.

Daily PUMA is free. If over time you come to have a favorite blog or two that appears on Daily PUMA, donations directly to the blog you want to contribute to may go a long way in ensuring that particular blog continues to operate. Bloggers may put hundreds of hours into their blogs every year, and a little bit can go a long way.

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