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Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the kind of story Cleveland Amory could have lit into and brought to life as a book, and then it could have been turned into a charming movie. A cat would cross the street everyday and take the same bus route around town. The cat would then be let off in front of her own home on the return trip by the bus driver.

Some times the other riders would ring the bell so the driver would stop. The cat would mainly curl up on one of the bus seats and sleep.

The cat's guardian had no idea until one day when the guardian got on the bus and the cat followed her. The bus driver explained to her that the cat did this on a regular basis. Click here to see the original story.

Apparently after the cats demise the riders of the bus line have had heavy hearts. I found this story when the editor of Pet Press magazine happened to be at the post office at the same time as I was and handed me her last copy of the monthly magazine. Click her to learn more about Pet Press.

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Anonymous said...

No! I have Casper's picture (from the earliest story—the one in which he's facing the window but has his head turned toward the camera) as my desktop.


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