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Thursday, January 21, 2010


In 2008, dozens upon dozens of known democrats decided to try and help influence a democratic race that was too close to call. The problem with this maneuver was that it gave the media, a few dozen political opportunists, and a billionaire a chance to override the will of ten million democratic voters who had yet to vote.

The democratic party still has not made a move to rectify the politically treasonous actions from the 2008 democratic race by A, eliminating caucuses, and B, by agreeing that openly supporting one candidate over another when a race is too close to call actually fractures the party much more than calling for a candidate to resign when the race is too close to call.

Who do you think did the most to damage the democratic process by attempting to use their influence for their own personal agenda? The list is rather long.

To remind you of the crazy betrayal and media manipulation that went on in 2008, Check out this No Quarter Link. (wonders why a Daily Puma link is not listed on their site).

To further pique your interest in writing about who you feel Betrayed the democratic process in 2008, you can cull additional names to mull over for your article from these two links to the forum formerly known as Hillary Clinton forum and now known as Common Ground Politics. Its nice to see that Murray preserved the archives.

If you want to remind the public who betrayed not only Hillary Clinton, but the entire democratic voting process by trying to shill the vote away from the voting millions, write an article about the one person you think defiled the 2008 democratic process and have your work featured on Daily Puma. You can also include a couple links to your own favorite articles from your own blog as well.


Puma for Life said...

Dennis Kucinich is my nominee. He told his supporters, before the Iowa primary was even completed, that they should support Obama.

Annie said...

Good one puma for life

Alessandro Machi said...

Wow, Dennis was far down on my list but I did not realize he had done that.

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