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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren, is the news coverage losing sight of possible Domestic Violence by Elin?

Is Elin Nordegren calling too many of the shots in the face of Tiger Wood's lie? (Ok, I admit it, there is a pun or two in that sentence, what can I say?)

I feel like I am watching a magicians trick unfold in front of my eyes. Elin Nordegren is doing this, she's doing that, she's going here, she's going there, and yet, apparently, she nor Tiger have admitted to the possibility of domestic violence the night Tiger's Car Hooked up with a tree and Tiger appeared to have facial injuries inconsistent with the car accident.

Why is Elin allowed to leave the United States without being questioned as to what happened? How can she expect to have her day in divorce court if she never is properly questioned about happened between her and Tiger? Was Elin not considered a suspect? The longer the police wait to question her, the more her story might possibly be a concoction of what she thinks happened instead of what may have actually happened.

Latreasa Davis was arrested for "misusing" 911 even though what McDonalds did by holding her money was the equivalent of a theft in progress. Yet Elin, who may have committed domestic violence, is free to flit about flaunting her upscale status every step of the way.
If one's choice was to cooperate with the police and possibly receive a charge of domestic abuse, or, divorce Tiger Woods and receive a huge chunk of money, your kids, worldwide public sympathy, plus no domestic violence charge, which would you choose?
Just who is Elin protecting her kids from? She certainly is not protecting them from a possibly enraged, club wielding elitist deranged person who may have attacked an unarmed man. Why is Elin able to avoid answering questions from the police about what happened the night Tiger Woods was found woozy and bleeding from the face?

Just as importantly, is Tiger Woods doing right by his kids by leaving them with a woman who might have picked up a golf club and struck or threatened to strike him with it?

It is not like Elin put Tiger Woods through college to become a doctor and then Doctor Woods divorces her for a younger woman. There are many women who have not been accused of possible assault against their spouse even after having been used in a far worse way than Elin has allegedly been "used" by Tiger Woods.

Elin cannot and should not be allowed to hide under all that money when everyday people would have been questioned by the police.
Elin leads a privileged life and if she should could not control her anger over personal events involving her husband, how can the rest of us be expected to hold our anger when we don't have a billion dollars in the bank as a back up plan? Elin deserves LESS sympathy, not more, than a woman who suddenly gets dumped after helping pay for her husband's education or business career.
There is another issue here to consider, the point / counter point issue. If Tiger Woods was having unprotected sex with others and then swapping kisses with Elin, can that be considered some form of assault? Spitting is considered Assault. If a person spits at another person and the spit makes contact, the spitter can be charged with assault.

Can swapping fluids with one's wife after not even using a condom with a stranger be considered a form of assault by Tiger Woods on Elin? Should Elin ever need to defend herself against domestic abuse charges, could reacting to "being spit upon" be Elin's defense plea as to why she may have lost her self control and possibly assaulted Tiger Woods?

After being assaulted by another person, the recipient may choose to hit the assailant back as a form of defense. Is it a legal defense for Elin to see Tiger and his unprotected sex with others as a form of spitting/assault that led Elin, upon discovering what was going on, to respond to Tiger's prior actions in self defense?

Why are the police allowing Elin to flee the United States without answering to questions about possible domestic violence, and what kind of example is this setting to men and women who are not rich like Tiger and Elin?


brandon knight said...

After the public humiliation and total disregard that he showed towards her and the children, there is no way she can retain her dignity and stay with him!

Alessandro Machi said...

You realize that you nor I can actually say whether Elin can retain her dignity or not. Elin actually decides that.

However, if she lost it and went after Tiger, than that is an issue that should not be swept under the table.

jeebas said...

The celebrity gossip surrounding the possible attack by Elin is just another rumor. With Tiger’s image tarnished, Elin will always be known as someone who couldn’t keep her celebrity husband loyal.

Alessandro Machi said...

Fancy website you have there Jeebas.

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