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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Witnessed a Christmas Miracle Apparition at my Local Trader Joes!

I witnessed a Trader Joe's Christmas Miracle Apparition and I even took a picture of it!

There I was, standing in line while the cashier was ringing up the customer before me. All of a sudden, the cashier bobbled a big plastic bottle of Lemonade/Mango (or was it Mango Lemonade?) and it fell to the ground causing the plastic cap to explode.

Fluid gushed onto the floor. In almost no time flat, an apparition of Santa in a Sleigh appeared with in the fluid! And I took a Picture! I have that picture. Unfortunately because I use Apple's Snow Leopard platform and a canon powershot camera I cannot upload said image via the canon software.

It has now been OVER 3 MONTHS that I personally have not been able to upload new photos because Apple and Canon just don't think they've broken any rules by selling products that don't work with each other's system, even though on the back of the Canons newest packaging it clearly states their camera powershot works with Apple.

The canon camera may work with Apple's software, but I was using my canon camera with the canon software. Imagine that, using the software that comes with the camera, what was I thinking!

So, eventually, when Canon and Apple feel it is important enough and presumably fix their products so they work with each other, I will be able to upload the Christmas Miracle Apparition taken at my local Trader Joes store of Santa's Sleigh.

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