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Thursday, December 3, 2009

GOOGLE LINK HACKERS, are they attacking certain blogs to drive down traffic?

I noticed a bunch of hits from the same IP, each one just seconds apart. I checked the IP to see if it might be some kind of spam bot
and discovered a shocking blog article that mentions the exact same IP that "visited" my blog.

If you click on the link above it will take you to that article. The article claims a drop in the number of hits after a visit by the IP number listed above. The IP number lists a location of Reston, Virginia.

How much longer until somebody with too much power and influence simply sets up fake articles to check everybody that is on to them.


Anonymous said...

Alessandro, I am asking you, yay I am begging you, to remove your "Tech Dreams" moving widget from your page top. It has been hijacking my Incoming Links section of my blog for a long time and it's getting worse. Every single one of it's topics shows up at an Incoming Link to me. As you know, Incoming links are there to tell you who has linked to you. For some odd reason, this strange widget of yours is dominating the entire list.

Hat in hand, I leave you.

Alessandro Machi said...

I'll notify Tech Dreams of what you have told me and give them a day or so to respond.

Alessandro Machi said...

I also don't want to confuse the issue of this topic. I have a link in my article that goes to a different blog article in which someone else has already researched the IP that also descended on one of my blogs as well and determined it is somehow removing its link functionality.

Another way of saying reduce the hits a blog will get.

Alessandro Machi said...

I tracked down what I believe to be are the other bloggers websites. Amazingly enough, they have articles about Barack Obama and his supporters on them and some scandals they are apparently suppressing.

Alessandro Machi said...

Here is the response I received...

If you have problem with the widget, please remove it.

We have not received any link hijacking issues from other users. But feel sorry to hear from your visitors. Please remove the widget from your blog.

Gopinath M


I am getting conflicting messages, please remove it if it is a hassle, and, nobody else has complained about it.

Anyone else have feedback to offer?

Alessandro Machi said...

For the record, It has now been well over a year since I removed the tech dreams widget, did it help?

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