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Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - Economy equals BIGGEST SUCKER RALLY SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

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(Edit update - There does appear to be an ironic ally alongside the bankers and foreign banks that is helping to prop up Wall Street, it's younger people that had and have a job, but did not own very much prior to the economic meltdown. They didn't lose much because they did not have much, their spending power is increasing as prices drop on certain items, they know not to trust the banks or credit cards, stocks prices look low enough, and apparently they are looking for stock market deals.

It will be easier to have a stock market rally if the Barack Obama administration continues to ignore the middle agers who lost half their wealth in favor of the younger core group that voted him into office and had much less to lose.)

I believe this is a suckers rally as well. Better to pay down your debts than hope for change from the stock market. Undeserving and unearned bankers bonuses can go a long way towards creating a fake reseeding of the stock market. Fake enough to lure you back in.

Those who put their money in first, second and third, the bankers, can simply use their bonuses to seed the market, then get out once you put your money in.

If Bankers don't get that charging 15-25 billion dollars A MONTH in interest rates on EXISTING consumer credit card debt is a charge the american consumer cannot afford to continue paying while also trying to reseed their own lives, then they are idiots and we should not follow where idiots tread.

I believe what is also happening is the government and the banks want us to invest in stocks that have no guarantee versus bank accounts that are supposed to be safer, and insured. I fear Barack Obama was spawned from the trenches of Wall Street, and they both tap dance the same tune, a tune that makes you feel good even as the titanic heads for more icebergs dead ahead.

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