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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mistress cut out of will  | ajc.com

Was Ann Melican treated fairly when a judge cut her out of Harvey Strother will? Harvey Strother searched out Anne Melican after Harvey's previous mistress died. To compare Ms. Melican to someone like Anna Nicole Smith is ridiculous. Anna Nicole Smith used her exotic dancing to lure an 88 year old man into her life, in this instance Harvey Strother appears to have lured Anne Melican into his life by crying into her bosom over the death of his previous mistress.

For the judge to cut Melican out of a very substantial will that had enough for everybody is ridiculous. Nuances matter. I get tired of how the media tries to lump entirely different cases together when they do not relate at all.

The fact that Harvey Strother had a prior mistress, and used the death of the prior mistress to cry uncontrollably in front of Ms. Melican to show how sensitive he was is further proof that Mr. Strother was the hunter, not the hunted. The judge messed up on this one and I hope Ms. Melican appeals and wins something.

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