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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Will you Join DailyPUMA in Boycotting Michael Moore's new movie?

I'd like anyone who reads DailyPUMA and considers themselves to be a Hillary Clinton supporter to consider boycotting Michael Moore's new movie, which I won't even name.

Just as it was a "difficult" decision for Michael Moore, (who "loved" Hillary Clinton prior to stabbing her in the proverbial back) to denounce Hillary Clinton, it is also a tough decision for me to to boycott Moore's new movie.

In a future article, I WILL break down every one of Moore's reasons for "changing" from a pro Hillary Clinton stance to an anti Hillary Clinton stance in 2008, and then refute ALL of the points he used to come to his decision.

Please consider boycotting Mr. Moore's movie. If you can see it free, legally, by all means do so.

If you review and publicize Moore's new movie, you probably help him profit. If we can focus instead on how Michael Moore betrayed Hillary Clinton in 2008, and could possibly have been a tipping point at a crucial time in the 2008 democratic race, we can show that there are consequences to trying to swing a political race for what might have been ulterior motives, and most definitely was based on very flawed "logic".

If there were no ulterior motives, maybe, just maybe, Moore could have consulted with others who could have easily debunked EVERY ONE OF HIS REASONS for not only not supporting Hillary Clinton, but for actually being part of the reason Hillary Clinton did not get the nomination.


Annie said...

And don't forget to rate it negatively on the rotten tomatoes! :D

Alessandro Machi said...

Ha, I've never rated a film on rotten tomatoes before but this might just be the time to start.

Anonymous said...

What are you so scared of?

Alessandro Machi said...

What was Michael Moore so afraid of that he had to blast Hillary Clinton AND support Barack Obama when he had always been a Hillary Clinton supporter.

As I said in the article, I will be responding to all of the reasons Mr. Moore gave last year to finish off Hillary Clinton, and explaining the fallacy of his position.

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