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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turkey Offers Credit Card INCENTIVE PROGRAMS to help their citizens PAY DOWN their credit card debt, BARACK OBAMA DOES NOTHING for US citizens.

It is amazing to see how other parts of the world are adopting credit card debt philosophies that I have personally been advocating for the last two years in my various blogs and websites, including and

Meanwhile, the United States is TOO ARROGANT and TOO BOUGHT OUT BY BANKERS, to do simple, meaningful actions to help their very own citizens pay down almost one TRILLION DOLLARS in CONSUMER CREDIT CARD DEBT!

HOW YOU CAN HELP! MAKE A sign and put it where others will see it. signs can be placed in a storefront window, a bulletin board at work, or a countertop. Raise curiosity and awareness about how Chase Bank is harming a LOT of of their BEST customers by making a sign.

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