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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

R.I.P. Robert Reich's Blog.

(Edit note, Sept.22, 2009 approximately 1 to 2 weeks after writing this article for the September 2, 2009 DailyPUMA edition, Robert Reich's blog returned to it's prior format, which included allowing comments, and amazingly enough, the content seems to have gone back to being more about what is really going on than simply supporting the Barack Obama administration. Glad to have you back, Mr. Reich)

I only discovered Robert Reich's blog around a month or two ago. I was in awe at how dynamic and uncaring of WHO was in power as Mr. Reich's articles seemed to rely on truth and consequences.

In one article, Mr. Reich took a shot at those who were trumpeting the economy as if it was already recovering, and I found that refreshing. A pundit with a purpose other than to tote the political line.

Just as importantly, Mr. Reich ALLOWED COMMENTS under each of his blogs article.

About a two weeks ago I noticed the vibrantly independent Mr. Reich seeming to switch back to supporting more and more of the democratic party line talking points.

To my utter dismay, when I checked in a couple of days ago, NO COMMENTS from readers were allowed, and those from prior articles appear to have disappeared as well.

May I now add, R.I.P. to Mr. Reich's blog for disabling comments. I guess it makes sense that once one closes ranks and becomes either a republican or a democrat clone, allowing comments from readers may prove embarrassing as they are the ones that will begin to notice the shift in content analysis from what will help america to what will help their own party.

It appears Mr. Reich, that you have become, "one of them". I don't know how much longer Mr. Reich's blog will remain on DailyPUMA as the quality of his writing seems to have suffered now that the Stepfordian Syringe has been inserted and the numbing "we good, they bad" vaccine has been applied.

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