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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jon Stewart Tap Dances around his own ACORN responsibility while blaming the media and defusing ACORN'S involvement in 2008 demo caucus contests.

Many of you have seen the video below. However, what I find disturbing is what Jon Stewart said at the beginning...I've transcribed it...
Of course that's just the right wing lunatic fringe in this country "race baiting" with coded insinuations and incessant attacks, of community organizations such as ACORN...

Ever since Barack Obama emerged on the national stage the conservatives have been obsessed with the group, alleging that their thugs, are committing voter fraud, well those accusations didn't really pan out, but that won't stop their paranoia, as evidenced by this hidden camera investigation of an unlikely duo looking for tax help....

"Those investigations didn't really pan out"..... Just what does that mean Mr. Stewart? Clearly there were no "real" investigations of ACORN in 2008, as you point out in the rest of YOUR OWN video, so, why are you even babbling about last year and trying to gloss over it as if ACORN did nothing wrong in support of Barack Obama, especially in the democratic caucus contests.

You know, last year Mr. Stewart, 2008, the year you knew it was hip and cool to back Barack Obama, to spur your own ratings to record levels by supporting Barack Obama, even though you KNEW he had not been vetted!

Later in the ACORN video clip link provided below Jon Stewart further distances himself from news journalism by saying he himself is not a journalist. How convenient. Last year it was ok to be the toast of the political world with your hip political show, but now this year, you are not one of them.

Reminds me of Huffington Post's shenanigans as well. HP is panicked at what they see as bankcentric policymaking by Barack Obama, yet it was HP that helped Barack Obama defeat Hillary Clinton by constantly bashing Hillary Clinton on a DAILY BASIS while constantly praising Barack Obama.

We need the bubblehead awards, for the tv and media personalities who most easily shift positions from year to year, always trying to stay with the in and hip crowd. I know who the first two nominees would be.

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