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Thursday, September 3, 2009

If we can't put one nurse in every school, how can we handle health care for everybody?

I am a proponent of taking smaller steps before bigger steps. I was shocked by this CBS news video that revealed how some states have only one nurse available for over 3,000 students spanning across several schools, one nurse!
How about the present administration prop up the public school nurse program to the federally mandated one nurse per 750 students, first, before taking on bigger issues like healthcare reform. This is what I find problematic with the Barack Obama administration, they ignore the small stuff, attempt to tackle the big stuff, do behind the scene deals to make the big stuff happen, but the result is usually a watered down version of the original concept.

Meanwhile the real stuff, like having a school nurse in every school, or STOPPING CHASE BANK from raising monthly minimum payments on a MILLION of THEIR BEST CUSTOMERS by 150%, the customers who are never late with their payments and ARE faithfully paying down credit card debt, go unresolved by Barack Obama's "team of rivals".

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Annie said...

Thank you so much for making this point. I keep wondering why no one is talking about this. I want everyone to have healthcare so badly, but it seems like this administration just is unable to think of any of the details. We are screwed, we really really are. And here this dipshit is trying to shove his face on TV in the public schools for a day when he can't even be bothered working on the actual schools.

Alessandro Machi said...

Reinvigorating the nurse situation at all public schools would be a way of pumping up women's roles in healthcare since I am guessing there are more female nurses than male nurses at the schools.

It's just cooler and hipper to go for the home run, the half court shot, the long pass in football, then work on grinding out first step solutions to much bigger issues.

How many more kids are not being instructed on how to avoid getting sick because of inadequate amounts of nurses per schools in the country?

Kids are known to be germ carriers, doesn't it makes sense to have nurses provide some interaction with them on a semi-regular basis?

I would go far as to say how dare anyone attempt to pass a health care package that will instantly be over used because of a lack of nurses in schools to help be the first line of defense.

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