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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dylan Ratigan: Americans Have Been Taken Hostage...

Dylan Ratigan: Americans Have Been Taken Hostage Posted using ShareThis
---------------My commentary below-----------

I think it is important to note that the Ratigan column appears on Huffington Post. Huffington Post has already called Barack Obama the "Bank Centric Kid".

Huffington Post is also the internet "news source" that blasted Hillary Clinton on a daily basis during the 2008 democratic primaries and PRAISED Barack Obama on a daily basis. Without Huffington Post's interference, Hillary Clinton most likely would have been the democratic nominee in 2008.

Yet Huffington Post posts the article above that basically blasts Barack Obama and his administration.

It is a shame that we can find three powerful women such as Arianna Huffington, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin, and know that if we put them in a room, they would have virtually nothing in common and unable to build any kind of a consensus of any kind.

Yet if we put three powerful men in a room, the odds are that at least two of them would form some kind of alliance or allegiance on some level. (think back to George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton and their tour around the world to raise money for Hurricane and Typhoon victims a few years ago. George Bush Sr. was OFFENDED and most likely DISGUSTED that he lost to Bill Clinton after only one term in office.)

Make it a game if you will, find three men in politics that completely annoy each other the way Palin, Clinton and Huffington do. I don't think it can be done.

Put Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Bill Richardson in a room, nope, some kind of alliance would happen between two of those fellows.

What about Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy (assuming he still were alive) and Jimmy Carter, Bill and Ted might work something out, maybe even Ted and Jimmy. Jimmy and Bill, definitely not.

What about Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, and....Bill Mahrer in a room, would the three scorn each other the way Huffington, Palin, and Hillary Clinton most likely would?, Nope, Bill and Bill would get along. Heck, didn't Rush even have Bill on his show once?

It is just kind of galling to me how women seem to neutralize each other and in the process let under qualified men such as Barack Obama slip through to positions not earned.


Asham said...

My o my... Didn't expect this kind of sexist talk from Daily PUMA... So male rivals would be able to find a way to work together but women would scratch their eyes out? You really missed the boat on this one Alessandro. If you spew this sort of crap, you're sexist too.

Alessandro Machi said...

Asham, your response has a certain snarkiness to it that is judgmental without first offering any counter point.

I would suggest it is more effective to at least offer a counter argument rather than leave that out and simply name call and label somebody a name just because you are a Barack Obama devotee.

I respectfully named three of the most politically prominent women in the United States in my scenario. Rather than you spreading around labels, Asham, how about specifically addressing the three people I named, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Arianna Huffington.

Are you stating that two of these three could get along? Do tell which combination that would be.

And who said anything about these three women scratching each other's eyes out? Oh, you did Asham. Is that your way of calling those three women in a room together, a cat fight?

Now that is sexism, coming from you, Asham.

And that is an example of how the Barack Obama snark attack machine works. Call others either racists, or sexists.

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