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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two cool websites, One lets you share your articles with other bloggers, the other enables you to instantly compare many different web services.

Part of DailyPUMA's goal is to increase the efficiency of how quickly we can find each other's articles, how we can share them, and how we learn about new things that can make our blogging experience and our blogs, better and faster.

ShareThis.com is an easy way to allow other bloggers who visit your site a way to share your articles with their own blog readers. None of us are an island, so being able to share articles with each other is an excellent way to expand our readership while also tributing other writer's best works. Share This, does exactly that.

The Website sitonomy has assembled certain blogging requirements I might have such as stat counting, share widgets, ad options, blogging options, widget options, etc. into one page displays that show several options at the same time. It seems like this can be a time saver when one is looking to expand or change what their blog can do. Sitonomy's main page apparently can dissect what any page on the web is actually using to make their page work the way that it does.

Quick update. Somebody is claiming that Share This inserts ads within the links. I don't understand how it does that. I don't recall them doing that when I use their service. I will either confirm this accusation or delete it when I learn more.

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