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Saturday, August 22, 2009

N.Y. Gov. Paterson blames unpopularity on his skin

N.Y. Gov. Paterson blames unpopularity on his skin

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Why not?

If the race card works so well for Obama, Patterson might as well play it too...


NYC Girl said...


I heard that report last night on the news. I am a lifelong NYC resident, and Gov. Paterson is not popular here based on his policies, not his color. But I didn't really have to say that, did I?

Nothing beats playing the "race card" when you cannot defend your lousy record. Same for Obama -- no experience, no political creds, no ideological platform, no concrete solutions to problems -- but if you said that during the primaries, you were a "racist".

In the original NY Daily News report of that interview, Gov. Paterson said: "We're not in the post-racial period". No, and we never WILL be, thanks to divisive racebaiting tactics used by the likes of Paterson, Deval Patrick, and that king of racebaiting: Obama.

Here's the original NY Daily News article on Paterson. You might want to go over there and respond to their poll question on Paterson's commments:

Gov. Paterson Blames Calls For Him To Step Aside On Race

Alessandro Machi said...

What I find most ironic is since Patterson is legally blind, he would have to have heard racism more so than seen it.

Give us verbal examples please, Mr. Patterson.

The further irony is an almost blind black man rises to governor of New York, what kind of racism did that involve?

Annie said...

I am so dissapointed to see him say that. He isn't an awesome govnr, but he's certainly better than to stoop to that. What an asshole.

NYC Girl said...


Gov. Paterson did in fact bring up your point about blindness and racism last year. He was accused of firing someone on his staff who was white and replacing that person with a black. Paterson responded that since he is blind, he could not possibly have fired that guy based on his color, since Paterson cannot know what color that man is by sight. In any case, his response to that is more food for thought with respect to what you said about him "hearing" about racism.

To be accurate, Gov. Paterson was not elected directly to the governorship. He was the Lt. Gov. under former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who was elected in a landslide. Here in NY, you get the Lt. Gov. that is chosen by the person who is running for Gov. as a package deal. So, when the very popular Spitzer was forced to resign after a sex scandal, we got Paterson by default. But it certainly can be argued that given all of the votes that Gov. Spitzer received, there weren't many people holding it against him that he had chosen a blind black man as his second-in-command.

Alessandro Machi said...

So he is using his blindness to prove he cannot be racist, yet if people don't approve of the job he is doing, they are racist.

NYC Girl said...

"So he is using his blindness to prove he cannot be racist, yet if people don't approve of the job he is doing, they are racist."

Yes. Well, they are not blind, so I guess they can be racist, but not him ... or something ...?? Don't know, Alessandro.

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