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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lost in Translation, why Hillary Clinton was annoyed by a question directed towards Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has made the news shown testily responding to what was a dumb and insulting question. The question was dumb because it was directed towards Bill Clinton, who was not at the question and answer session.

But what gets lost in translation is that Hillary Clinton, although on a stage with curtains behind her, just like what you might see at any town hall meeting in the U.S., WAS INSTEAD IN THE CONGO!

Can anyone of us even begin to imagine how annoying it must have been to travel halfway around the world, then travel within the Congo, arrange a public forum, and then be asked a question about what Bill Clinton thinks?

In retrospect, it might have been funny if Hillary Clinton had pulled out her cell phone, hit the old speed dial, and then talked to her husband right then and there and relayed the question.

But who knows how that would have played out. I could see Jay Leno then joking that now we know who Hillary Clinton would have called at 3am if she had become president and there was an emergency.
It seems as if we expect our politicians to never show contempt in public under any circumstance, but then we complain that politicans are phony.
I'm glad Hillary was annoyed and showed it, that's the best way to alleviate stress brought on by having to answer a stupid question in a public forum. Unfortunately, being a woman will cause the media and all the male late night host comedians to now ridicule Hillary Clinton rather than the questioner.

If it had been a male politician responding to a dumb question, these same male late night host comedians would have probably gone after the questioner instead. Remember John McCain and the woman who thought Barack Obama was a muslim and an Arab. John McCain responded something to the effect, "no he's an american". The unsaid snub being that if Barack obama were Arab that somehow that would have been a bad thing. Who took the media hit, McCain, or the woman? Saturday Night live made fun of the woman, and that clip was played over and over by the mainstream media over the next couple of days.

Lets take this one step further. The best way out of the situation, is to prevent it from ever happening. If Hillary Clinton was able to control each and every question that was asked, could she have achieved a better result? As we know now, controlling questions is a privilege reserved for Barack Obama press conferences. If Hillary Clinton had tried controlling each and every question, and been caught doing it, she would have been ridiculed by the media, for being controlling and manipulative.
The conclusion is, there was no way out until female members of the media GROW UP and stand up to the men and defend female politicians.
I seriously hope Rush Limbaugh keeps his trap shut about this incident, or at least has the decency to go the Congo first before opening his yap. As it stands now, NewsMax has already turned this into a Hillary versus Bill issue, when it was not.

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Annie said...

I think the worst part was when he had supposedly said 'what does he think through the words of mrs. clinton's mouth'. or whatever he said. that's must have been the most bizarre thing to hear.

NYC Girl said...


I just wrote a blog post on the Dept. of Homegirl Security about Hillary's reaction to that comment:

Hillary Clinton: Still the Fighter

Of course it will play right into the hands of people who just want to trash her no matter what she had said. If she had laughed it off, they would have put her down for being a lightweight. And if she had really tried to give them Bill's take on the subject, then as you said, she would have been put down for leaning on his judgment instead of using her own. She just can't catch a break with SOME people, but not with us! :-)

Alessandro Machi said...

I made you link "hot" just below.


NYC Girl said...

Thanks, Alessandro! :-)

Alessandro Machi said...

Or should I say, your, instead of you. The letter "r", probably the most dropped letter on the keyboard.

You are welcome NYC.

To make links hot you have to add the after the address, followed by the title of the link, then

I still haven't completely memorized it, I have to look off of a cheat sheet.

Alessandro Machi said...

Here is another link with more insight into the situation.


I think this link definitely adds more interesting information, however, I think Hillary Clinton was being open and honest in stating the obvious to an inappropriate question.

Alessandro Machi said...

Apparently, I cannot demonstrate nor explain how to make a link hot as it takes the explanation and turns it into a link to nowhere. That is kind of funny.

NYC Girl said...


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