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Saturday, June 13, 2009

David Letterman's "joke" about Sarah Palin's daughters and his follow up "apology" don't address the bigger issue.

I have been trying to define what it is about David Letterman's joke that bugs me the most. Besides the most obvious answer, Letterman shouldn't be talking about minors in a sexual way for laughter, profit, and fun, on national television, something else is bothering me about his Willow Palin "joke".

When was the last time Letterman found something a female teen did that was maybe worth a positive mention on his show?  

It would seem to me that not only is it wrong to make sexual jokes about underage females for public consumption and profit on a national TV show, it seems even more inappropriate because no time is spent on Letterman's show discussing positive underage female role models.

If the obvious answer is, well it would be boring to talk about underage female teens in a positive way and make it funny and interesting, then maybe David Letterman and his writers have become too old school and behind the times.

I found Mr. Letterman's follow up non apology to be actually worse than the original Willow Palin joke he was apologizing about.  Mr. Letterman had time to think about his response and come up with something wise and profound to say, yet once again, Letterman and his writers fell short and literally gave the message that they just didn't think it was that important to properly address his avarice against female teens.

Maybe Letterman, short of being fired or suspended, devotes a week to teenage girls as guests on his show.  It would be interesting to see if Letterman can handle these teenage encounters in a way that is non-destructive.  It would be even more amazing if the some of the commercial content would be aimed at young teens and the real issues they are going through.


Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Letterman is a deranged slob- and his stale schtick's about as funny as a train wreck.

If Sarah Palin is SO silly and irrelevant, why the obsession? Clearly the Left noted her appeal, and are out to eliminate the threat- it’s not like it’s not obvious.

And she’s been highly successful in life while ignoring the left-wing feminist model… this helps to explain the extra dose of venom in the attacks.

Go get em, Sarah- and don’t mind the press, nobody will be listening to them anymore after the pending Obamamania implosion-


Alessandro Machi said...

As it stands now, nobody is willing to talk about the importance of reducing the almost 1 trillion dollars in consumer credit card debt through a responsible pay down program.

It is a lightening bolt issue that NOBODY who is a politician, celebrity, sports figure or news media will honestly address, unfortunately, that includes Sarah Palin.

So from my point of view, I don't care about an Obama implosion if his "replacement" is someone who didn't stand up and make a difference on the consumer credit card debt issue.

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