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Friday, June 26, 2009

DailyPUMA thoughts about blogs and their comments sections.

Why should a controversial topic title be paraded on dailypuma if the blog owner won't allow responses to appear in a timely fashion?

I just tried to respond to a blog that is not necessarily a PUMA blog but had been listed on dailypuma anyways. My response did not appear right away. This bothered me because the title of the blog article that popped up on DailyPUMA was definitely controversial as it referred to Michael Jackson and basically said good riddance.

It seems somewhat inconsistent for DailyPUMA to provide updating of new blog articles when comments posted to those articles may take a day or two to show up, no? Just saying.

My focus is specifically about posting a controversial topic with a controversial headline that gets blasted by DailyPUMA to anyone reading DailyPUMA, yet does not allow comments to appear in a timely fashion, I think that kind of ruins the purpose of DailyPUMA, no?

However, I also understand that maybe the blog writer wants everyone to read their article without the additional distraction of comments that may or may not add to the content, and I also understand that blogs that appear on DailyPUMA don't necessarily give a hoot about what DailyPUMA thinks, and that is how it should be.

(this next part reminds me like I walked into an Andy Rooney Sixty Minutes commentary)

Wordpress passwords bug me because they require visitors to keep a password that is different for each and every wordpress blog! I believe if it were easier to leave comments without having to sift through endless email lists to find my password, more comments would be left. If the comments are stupid or off topic, just delete them, who cares if they are up for a few hours before they get deleted? My guess is that people are concerned that some idiot may post something really inappropriate or of a personal nature and they want to protect themselves, so maybe I have answered my own question.

(Back to your regular internet reading voice).

I think it can help with readership if as soon as someone posts a comment, it appears quickly in the blog article comments section so others who visit will feel like they are part of an interactive community, which is what blogs are supposed to be.

One comment option I wish software designers would add is a timing feature where if a comment is not approved within a specified amount of time set by the blog owner, the comment automatically appears although the blog owner could still delete the comment if necessary.

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