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Sunday, May 3, 2009

How come the Newspaper ended up on top of the only spot on the entire driveway that was wet?

Newspaper lands on top of only spot in the driveway with water, how did the newspaper person take such amazing aim, and do it in the dark?

Is this an immaculate conception of sorts?  Is what I believe to be water actually tears generated by the picture of the eye on the front page?

Should I have left the newspaper where it was and called the media to witness this miracle?

Even more amazing, when I came back later on to check on the large teardrop, the tear had vanished into thin air.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Alex,

Is it possible that more of the driveway had been wet when the paper was thrown, but the rest of the water vanished into thin air except for this little patch protected by the paper?

Alessandro Machi said...

Don't try and solve my riddle now, what fun is there in that. Besides, when I went out in the morning, the only water I saw was under the newspaper.

Ergo the earth is flat.

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