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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free Food for the Homeless courtesy of KFC and Oprah Winfrey, only a 24 hour window to print coupons however.

Additional update, please check out the two links below to really understand what ChickenGate is really about.

Update, my original coupons ended in a 1234, which mens they were no good. I just reprinted them at 8:10 PM pacific standard time on May-06. I was supposed to get 4 coupons, but I only got three. I reclicked on the link, tried again, and it spit out the forth coupon. I guess I"m good to go now. I think KFC needs to add a day to the promotion since the promotion was not ready when the promotion started.


I stumbled across this kentucky fried chicken, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Kentucky Grilled Chicken 2 Piece Meal Coupon offer for a free meal from KFC. I assume it is legit, it sounds legit. You can print four coupons in the next 24 hours and then you have about 2 weeks to use them. KFC AND OPRAH WINFREY FREE MEAL OFFER.

I eat very little meat and buy vegan products most of the time so I am not thrilled about promoting this. However, if you want to do something nice for a homeless person that perhaps you see everyday on your way to work, just print out four of these coupons and hand one to them, (please do it only if you know it to be safe to do and you want to do it).

If your goal is the most bang for the homeless buck, probably don't know if you want to give out all four at once. One could keep the other three in the car just in case other opportunities arrive over the next two weeks.

If these four coupons can help you save some food money this month, more power to you as well.KFC AND OPRAH WINFREY FREE MEAL OFFER. If you think these coupons are fake, please let me know and I'll delete this topic, otherwise I am going on the premise that it is a legit offer.

Here is the fine print,
COUPON AVAILABLE FOR PRINTING ROM 9AM CDT (Central Daylight Time, one hour  behind the East Coast, two hours ahead of the West Coast) 5/5/09 TO 9:59PM CDT 5/6/09. COUPON IS REDEEMABLE AT PARTICIPATING KFC LOCATIONS IN THE U.S. FROM 5/5/09 TO 5/19/09, EXCLUDING 5/10/09.


(quick update).  It appears that one could print as many of these coupons as one wanted until a couple of hours ago.  Now it appears that KFC has added a downloading software requirement
that allows one to print the coupon with the barcode.

I assumed that my prior four coupons were no good so I went to reprint them after I downloaded their coupon software, but I got a message saying I had already downloaded my coupons prior.  The software downloading was easy.  Just make sure you don't stumble upon a fake version of this offer and agree to download malware or spyware instead.  I presume the link I have put on this article is the correct one.  I am concerned that my barcode looks the same for all four coupons.


Anonymous said...

Ironically, if you click on their link to print that coupon, the page is "Not found". Depending on how things are going in life, this could be either a source of amusement or a great disappointment to the hungry.

A snowball in the summertime, compliments of Oprah. Melts right in your hand. Perhaps a coupon for free Cake would be in order?

Alessandro Machi said...

Try again. It worked for me, but I did mine after you tried. It looks like they set up a page before the coupon page to try and make sure people have their printers up and running.

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