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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why does Barack Obama have to "Lean on" Credit Card Companies at all, and when will he enlist an outside the White House "team of rivals"?

Barack Obama is supposedly set to lean on Credit Card Companies for their recent hostile and aggressive tactics against the consumer. Here is what I don't get. Barack Obama campaigned last year that he would bring in line the Credit Card companies. Barack Obama seems to have a good relationship with these credit card companies.

Why would the credit card companies disrespect Barack Obama and force his hand? Is it so Barack Obama can swoop in at his April 23, 2009 White House meeting and look like he is saving us? Barack Obama should be less concerned about looking good and instead "punish" the credit card companies for making him, aka Barack Obama, look bad to his constituents.

Barack Obama should hire a team of outside the white house rivals to really shake things up. Yes, Ralph Nader should be part of that team, along with others who are known for fighting for the consumer. If not now at the White House meeting scheduled for April 23, 2009 with the credit card industry, then when?

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