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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interesting Internet Research Blog called Truth Laid Bear.

Truth Laid Bear might be an additional research tool for you all to consider. I've set up the link above to go to stories related to Hillary Clinton that appear on all blogs.

You can simply type in your own search words to do a different search.

I like the way TLB lays out the search results like a newspaper. However, when I typed in various variations of "PUMA" or Hillary Clinton PUMA, I don't think I got that much. If anyone would like to share the optimal way to use this sites search box, please post in the comments section.

It seems like one might discover an interesting blog previously unknown. I don't understand how joining the site benefits one. You might want to try typing in your own name and see what comes up. Feedback in the comments section of this article about truth laid bear is appreciated.

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