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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Challenge to Fox Television and Rush Limbaugh, STOP Encouraging Anti Obama April 15 Tea Party Protests and Encourage Protests against Chase Bank.


Can you see Fox News ever taking on the credit card industry with promos encouraging people to protest against the banks? If the idea of Fox News taking on the Credit Card Industry makes you laugh, then perhaps you should be offended that Fox News Television is instead egging people on to protest on April 15th about their government, their president, the bailout and taxes, even as Fox News says and does nothing about the banks.

Well Newt, will we ever hear you utter a negative word about what Chase Bank and soon to follow Citibank and are doing to the same americans that you want to convince should put all of their energy on blaming government and none on corporations?

Banks are actually doing more damage to blue collar america with their 250% monthly minimum payment increase on pre-existing low interest credit card agreements. The banks are "rushing" to get back to financial stability by financial suffocating trustworthy americans who have never been late on their low interest credit card payments just so they can put up slightly better numbers on Wall Street.


Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, would Rush Limbaugh ever go on the air and castigate the credit card companies for their recent actions in raising the rates on low interest accounts that were supposed to be fixed for the life of the loan? Maybe Rush should spend a bit more time fighting for the blue collar worker rather than getting his followers in a lather over political issues. This is about people Rush. When have you ever fought for People that are being directly attacked by Credit Card Companies.

Learn more about Chase and their evil, evil ways at Daily-Protest.com


Anonymous said...

Newt, as much as I don't like him, gave the current policy makers the tongue lashing they sorely deserved!

Hillary Unleashed needs your attention..WP has not solved the problem.

Alessandro Machi said...

What is the point of tongue lashing a group of politicians if the proposed replacement group (republicans), won't ever stand up to the banks.

Until enough people can mobilize against an actual substative issue that BOTH democrats and republicans agree is wrong, the banks will retain all of their power.

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