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Friday, February 13, 2009

Bill Clinton asked to not cross Picket Line.

No on Prop 8 advocates urge Bill Clinton not to Participate.

Bill Clinton is supposed to speak this Sunday (see link above) at a hotel in which the hotel owner donated 125,000 dollars towards the passage of Prop 8. From what I understand, Bill Clinton's reason for speaking is that it was an organization that hired him to speak, not the hotel.

Ideally, a list of whom Prop 8 is targeting should be given to Bill Clinton or his people so in the future he can make his decisions on where he speaks with more information.

Did the gay community really back Hillary Clinton during the democratic campaign? I seem to recall that around 10%, maybe even as high as 15% of all democratic delegates were gay, yet when it came time to fight for Hillary, I just don't recall any delegate group fighting for Hillary, gay or otherwise.

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