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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Message from Betty Jean Kling about Louisa Rodas

Edit update - Sept. 11, 2010. Here is the latest information on Louisa Rodas and Betty Jean Kling. You can help by writing a letter on Louisas and Betty Jeans behalf.

Betty's Message is in the comments section directly below.


Alessandro Machi said...

In Betty Jean Kling's own words and reprinted by permission....

The girls are hanging on for Dear Life – I am not given much hope for neither one but so long as they do not give up I won’t either. I will work my fingers to the bone trying to get them through this. I have Louisa’s extremities in motion – although the Dr.’s poo poo that saying if she can not move on demand – it doesn’t count but I say if she could not move at all a month ago and she can move now – that is progress so I poo poo them.

I believe in miracles – she may only have half a brain but it was a fatal shot in the head and she was not supposed to live 2 hours and it is 29 days and she can breath and feel pain and now she can move what could not move before so – why not? I am in there every single day doing physical therapy and it is working – I am not counting that girl out yet!

Louisa is now on a Trach collar for 33 hours straight today for the first time and I have her moving all 4 extremities.

Marc (Louisa's son) has asked that instead I honor her on my site but how can I do that - I am not a webmaster - she was my webmaster and now I have no way to honor her or her sister on my site or the women's movement or anything - I am so sad about that! I would have loved to dedicate my site to the girls and the movement and to Louisa's Law.

Denise is not getting better, on the other hand, she was not supposed to make it to the end of November. The Dr. said she would never see Christmas- maybe Denise misunderstood which Christmas huh? When I took over her care she weighed 80 Lbs. Now she weighs 100. We are up most of the night- I have to change her clothes every hour or so – she sweats so badly but I have her eating and drinking and walking around on her own now. Of course she is still depressed and even more so over her sister but we are getting through as best we can.

They also have the two grandparents and they are doing well for 84 and 88. I have them eating and drinking properly and their colds are under control and their sugar is under control too.

So all is as well as I can hope for right now – all I have to do is hold up and I am sure this 60 year old body can do that! I am strong as a bull and thrice as thick skinned and thick headed to boot!

Now aren’t you glad you asked? heheheheheh

Bettyjean Kling M.S, M.Ed


Pumas Unleashed said...

Betty Jean sure is being tested for her Faith, Strength and Resolve for being the last person standing after it's all over and done.

It would have been nice if someone started a Donation Fund for her. With all her time spent helping her family, the poor woman must be suffering from the additional worry of paying Bills.

I don't know Betty Jean personally. I've never met the woman. I've only seen her big heart on videos taken during her Denver Trip with Pumapac.

Betty Jean really has her hands full.. Money always helps lessen an unburdenable burden with a modicum of peace of mind.


CoolerHead said...

If Betty Jean has a paypal account I suppose that would be the easiest and most direct way to make a donation.

Anonymous said...

You can set up a PayPal account on "Daily Puma" in Betty Jean's name (with her permission) where it would go directly to her.

I'm sure she would appreciate it!

Ted said...

The question is not IF there will be an interdiction of Obama’s Presidency by the Supreme Court, the questions are WHEN and HOW that interdiction will transpire — that is, if the USA is to continue as the Constitutional Republic that now exists.

Alessandro Machi said...

Ted, you really need to get a blog. Not that your beliefs are not wanted, but sometimes they end up in the wrong spot.

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