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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sarah Palin attacked again by MSNBC, "MSNBC Watch", how can we make this happen?

I believe the FCC is our biggest hope for reigning in fraudsters like MSNBC. I happened to catch part of David Schusters morning act Dec 02, 2008, when he sort of wings the news as it comes up. (later on he has his own one hour show with a bit more structure to it). 

It looks to me like MSNBC flings their own editorials up on the screen and reports it as news. Schuster gave a big build up to a Sarah Palin interview at the governors convention in which he accused Palin of asking for government entitlements after being against them during the presidential race. It looked to me like Schuster never even saw the clip before they ran it. Schuster introduces the anti Palin viewpoint with a tone in his voice that implies that this is "Sarah being Sarah". 

They run the interview clip of Sarah, it lasts around 1-2 minutes, and there is nothing in it to substantiate Schuster's claim. Schuster actually has to make an amended comment after the Palin clip is run because he KNOWS there is nothing there to substantiate the malicious, slandering build up.The problem is, the damage has been done. People who are sort of watching and not paying attention just sort of roll their eyes and assume it's "another Sarah Palin gaffe". 

Just like many of the other MSNBC initiated "gaffe accusations" against Sarah Palin that have come before, this one is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but MSNBC's attempt to stain Sarah Palin. My theory is that Arianna Huffington was behind this one, using her behind the scene access to try and spin crap against either Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton.

On Schusters show later in the day, the spin has been altered to "the democrats smell blood" surrounding Sarah Palin and "are going in for the kill". Didn't Sarah Palin just help elect a Republican congress person in Georgia? Is this MSNBC's plan, to always try and defile anyone who helps achieve success against a Barack Obama plan or initiative?


Double Jointed Fingers said...

This is totally unacceptable. I don't know what the answer is. I've tried emailing MSNBC when they are over the top, especially with the Hillary pimping Chelsea story, which obviously doesn't stop the lies.

You hit this right on. Once they say it, whether or not they can back it up, the damage is done. We really need to hit them where it hurts. Maybe complain to/and boycott the advertisers? If all PUMAs post the boycott, along with email addresses for the advertisers on their blogs, maybe would have have some leverage.

However, I think its the producers of these fake news shows that should be cut off at the knees. They will do anything to get viewers. I stopped watching along ago.

Eilandkind said...

This is so frustrating. A South African friend of mine, who lives in England, told me the other day that she heard from another South African there, that Sarah P thinks Africa is a country.
Things like this make me furious. They tell one lie or spread one rumour and the whole world thinks it is the truth forever.

Alessandro Machi said...

I'm curious if Barack Obama actually paid bloggers to blog on his campaign's behalf. If that is true, he may have been the only campaign to do such a thing.

If the only one who paid to have bloggers blogging on his behalf also has news media destroying the competition, at some point the competition may have to have their own "group" that spotlights media wrongs.

in 1997, Arianna Huffington tried to get a show off the ground called "Beat the Press" in which the show would hold accountable the MEDIA!

My how times have changed.

Anonymous said...

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