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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Would a Well Known PUMA premiere an article on Huffington Post?

This is specifically why I started DailyPUMA, to help create a large enough audience so news and ideas that appear on any PUMA blog will have access to larger audiences. Seeing Will Bower's release of his voting reform article on Huffington Post holds back the PUMA movement, unless Will Bower mentions PUMA in his article.

Will Bower has chosen to premiere his primary voting idea on Huffington Post and not on a PUMA blog probably because Huffington Post's audience is a lot bigger. (note - Will Bower has responded that the reason the article is posted on Huffington Post is because an earlier article last year about the same topic also appeared on Huffington Post). What a shame that a PUMA founder would not find aid and comfort in a PUMA blog and instead go to the dark side, all the while not mentioning his PUMA roots. I can understand the need to want a bigger audience for PUMA ideas, and that is the goal of DailyPUMA.

Might somebody like to ask Will Bower if he is still a PUMA or not on his HuffPO article? I would do it but I've been banned from that site. Will Bower, are you a PUMA?


Will Bower said...


If you look at the history of my HuffPo column, you'll see that my writings there have paralleled my activism as a PUMA. As much as I/we may dislike them, they were integral to our early efforts to get our messages out there.

More specifically, I wrote the original proposal for the HuffPo way back when. In fact, it was the article that got me my column in the first place.

Almost all of my other articles have premiered at PUMA08.com these past few months. However, it seemed only appropriate that I place the follow up proposal where the first one was written.

You should also know that those on my PUMA distribution list were the very first to be notified of this article... thus, it essentially *is* a PUMA premiere.

If you'd like me to post it here as well, I'd be more than happy to.


Edgeoforever said...

Will was always good at taking the PUMA message outside the PUMAdom. Without doing this we risk becoming an echo chamber.
There's nothing Will wrote that would make me doubt his convictions.
I think that it takes courage to venture in outside territory.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Will, All you have to do is choose any of the puma blogs that are on this page and if you can post your article there it will appear on DailyPUMA. You will reach that Blogs audience plus the DailyPUMA audience at the same time.

If you don't use the word PUMA when outside of a PUMA environment, then PUMA doesn't grow. I would have posted to your article on HuffPO, but they banned me a while back, presumably for some of my blog articles linking George Soros and Arianna Huffington.

I was actually about to email you about this situation. Why didn't I email you first? I just finished a long long email with a PUMA member who did not want their PUMA blog on DailyPUMA unless I make the site uncacheable. I noted that one of PUMA's biggest disadvantages is that we comment on news, we don't make news, which theoretically makes a lot of our content
"scrapings" from other news sources.

Then suddenly, there you are, on Huffington Post, making news with original content, the kind of content that perhaps many PUMA blogs would have been pleased to introduce, first, to the world.

It just annoyed me.

By the way, I like your idea, it's very clever. I wonder however if might make equal sense to base
which state goes first on which state had the highest voting percentage of total voters in the prior presidential race, that way they can't blame anyone other than themselves for their positioning in the next primary race.

But your idea has logic to it that I like.

Will Bower said...

Understood, Alessandro.

Whoever would like to post the proposal on their own sites is more than welcome to.

As for your idea of basing the calendar on voter turnout... My biggest fear is that various Secretaries of States would then be compelled to pull ACORNs on their states.

Alessandro Machi said...

While we may be worried about ACORNS, The ACORNS that read Huffington POST don't know you are a PUMA.


Could you imagine people altering their vote if they think it won't affect the outcome. I actually recall in the 2004 election that people in some states were doing that as a form of protest.

If their presidential andidate was going to win "for sure", they might vote for a third party candidate just because. Now they will have another reason to do that.

lol, your cidea ould drive the pollsters batty. I think your idea is a good one.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't admit to being a PUMA because he is only a PUMA when it gets him a spot on Fox or blog radio. Mr. Bower, you do not have a column on Huffpo, you write an occasional blog post. You are nothing more than a publicity seeker who usually misspoke when given an on air forum. How much money did you cost Hillary when you falsely claimed that PUMA paid off all her debt? I'm a quiet one, but I am so glad to see you being questioned for your loyalty.

Dr. PUMA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

These attacks on Will are out of line, and I'm shocked to hear such divisive nonsense coming from you of all people, Alessandro.

Will Bower is not hiding his PUMA identity: he couldn't if he tried. It's why he is known. He's done more for PUMA than all except probably five other people. Yes, he's made mistakes, who hasn't? He blogs for PUMA constantly; he writes ONE article for HuffPo and your panties are in a bunch? Get a grip!

The reason he posted the primary reform on Huffington Post is obvious enough: it's a highly trafficked site where his idea can get traction and get seen. Does EVERY article have to appear in the PUMA echo chamber only? Please.

Alessandro, it sounds like you're jealous and lashing out. It's unattractive.

Alessandro Machi said...

I think you're not understanding my point. If a PUMA is asked to write on Huffington Post, I think that is fine as long as the writer gets to IDENTIFY themselves as a PUMA.

I also added Will's logical explanation as to why he did what he did, to the actual article, why would I do that if my intentions are hostile?

As for a couple of the comments above, I grudgingly may have to delete them because they seem to be attacking Will outside the bounds of a fair discussion.

I probably would allow those comments to stay if they were not anonymously left. I also don't check these topics daily so I hadn't realized that additional comments had been left.

PUMA'S are not well known to the general public, I have had to jump start the name PUMA on Topix Forum network. PUMA's still don't have their automatically generated list of topics on Topix forum network, PUMA's only appear under the name Hillary Clinton.

I think PUMA's should appear both under Hillary Clinton and under PUMA as well. This topic was about my concern that PUMA's are not being seen by the general public.

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