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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to DailyPUMA, if your PUMA BLOG is not listed, please leave me a link in the comments section and you will be included!

Kudos to all you PUMA bloggers who didn't give up because of November 4. I plan on keeping this blog overwhelmingly PUMA, but I might slip in a couple of non PUMA blogs if I think they are a benefit to all PUMA's, such as the consumerist blog. If you have a PUMA website or forum, the DailyPUMA blog can apparently track blogs only, sorry. In the meantime, keep Roaring the Good Roar. (I'll soon add a forum links section).

I just thought I would do an update to this article 5 plus years later. I was a bit disappointed by the lesbian/ultra pro woman blogging portion of Hillary Clinton's supporters. I discovered after the fact that they were a small but close knit group that frequently gossiped with each other and who mistrusted virtually any male blogger who supported Hillary Clinton.

The few male bloggers who support Hillary Clinton are for the most part ignored by the lesbian ultra pro female blogger, or viscously ripped apart both in public and in private.

I have not counted the exact number but there were at least 5 or 6 bloggers of the type I describe above who just decided they didn't like me. It took me a while to realize that there were some Hillary Clinton bloggers who were haters. 

For the most part I believe that that Hillary Clinton supporters are the nicest people on the planet, so nice they actually don't have time to blog or even be bothered to post, they live their lives, help their family, neighbors and friends, and they like Hillary Clinton.

I hope that will be enough to get Hillary Clinton elected president in 2016. Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 certainly will not happen because of lesbian ultra pro woman's rights Hillary Clinton blogging supporters, it will happen in spite of them, if it happens.


NO Obama said...

Please visit our forum:


It used to be a Palin forum and now is about Obama--Obot free zone.

Alessandro Machi said...

I won't be able to add your site to the DailyPUMA because it is not a blog and the system won't recognize it, however it's fine to leave a link, as you have done.

Alessandro Machi said...

When I clicked on your name it shows that you have a PUMA blog, so I went ahead and added it. Is that OK?

Joanne said...

Hi....please add my blog (if it's not already added). Thanks so much for creating this site!!

Left And Right Politics


Alessandro Machi said...

You've been added!

Alessandro Machi said...

I am going to figure out a way to add some forums, props to Hillary Clinton Forum.net for helping me get the word out!

petunia politik said...

Brilliant idea! Thank you in advance for adding my blog. Through corruption and devastation, we will prevail because we are the watchdogs!


Anonymous said...

Ijane says:

Alessandro!!! Congratulations!!!

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Could you link my blog?


You are a super site - I wish I had come across it sooner.


Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Cyn,

This site has been up less than 48 hours, so don't be too hard on yourself. Although sometimes I kick myself emotionally for not doing this several months ago. You know I tried various other blogging sites, I mean I actually set up an actual site called blog with in a blog, and nobody could offer me what google could, and ironically, not even google could offer everything I needed.

It ended up being a journey, yet when what I envisioned came to be, it was really a wow moment for me.

The site kind of looks like Huffington Post, only better. I had no idea how it would look as I was building it, but I am happy with the results.

News organizations may soon realize they should check in every couple of hours to see what breaking news might be coming from the PUMA community.

This site is the new Huffington Post, except we have no money behind us.

Alessandro Machi said...

oh, lol, your link has been added. Loved your poetic journey article.


Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks IJane.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Alessandro (I totally love the poetry of your name)

Thanks for giving me the skinny on your site - I couldn't believe my luck when I found it. Huff Po be damned! ;-)

As a fellow NY'er (albeit Upstate), congratulations on a job Very Well Done. You have created one hell of a place. If I can ever do anything to help, you know where I am.


Alessandro Machi said...

There's two of me now!

I'm on actually on the other coast.

Thanks for liking my name, it's my best quality. (I hope that was a joke I just made.)

petunia politik said...

hi alessandro,

i had requested to be added yesterday, yet i don't see my blog posted. ok, so it's 420am and my eyes are bleary, but i'm pretty sure it's not here.
could u, would u, won't u please be my PUMA neighbor? :)


i advertised your blog on facebook for all of the PUMA devotee's to see.

Alessandro Machi said...

The good news is your blog is already listed in the second column from the right, the bad news is it's saying your last article was 3 months ago when I can see that you posted something just yesterday.

I'll try re-adding you and see if that helps.

Alessandro Machi said...

So I removed the blog listing I had for you and then re-added it again. I don't know why but the blog reading device is stating that your last blog was three months ago. I have gotten the same result for your blog the two times I have inputted your web address.

Could it be something on your end of things since most of the other blogs seem to be updating fine?

Alessandro Machi said...

By the way, thanks for listing the blog on facebook. I think it has already gotten a hit or two.

sportsone234 said...

Please add my blog, Hillary and Me. I'd decided to keep the name even though its clear HRC won't be in White House.

The focus will remain on the MSM, the election process, and support of women candidates regardless of party affiliation. P.S. I'm a PUMA


freethinker said...


You are a genius! This is the best idea ever and the first place I come to get my daily fix of kool aid-free news and insight.

Alessandro, thank you for giving us a HUB to stay connected!!

Although we are a forum, we are motivated and coordinated! Please add us to your BOT-free, partisan- free list of links.



Thanks so much for all you are doing, Alessandro!


petunia politik said...

hi a,

i wonder if the bot's got to me. nothing would surprise me. my blog is updating well on my facebook feed, so i have no idea what it could be.
any suggestions for a not-so-techie girl?

:) thanks

Alessandro Machi said...

Lets see what we can do. I think I'm going to add a box link for forums. It won't update but at least it will be somewhere on this page.

However, in terms of page design, I am limited. The system won't let me place the forum box link in the middle of the column feeds, it will either have to go at the top or bottom of the entire page. Decisions, Decisions.

By the way, some of your blogs may already be listed but you may not be seeing it if it has been a while since you updated your blog with a new article.

That is why the time stamp on each new blog article is so cool because it makes it easier to track where you think your blog article should be, and for viewers it gives them a sense of how current or archival the article is.

Petunia, can you go through your control panel and check the settings page? Perhaps your blog is set up in such a way as to not allow this blog to see your current articles. Publishing, formating & site feed settings might have something to do with why your site is not being updated here.

Perhaps you have a different website address than the one that I am seeing???

Alessandro Machi said...

Freethinker, thanks! I have been a proponent of reverse partnering with corporations for a while now, but they don't have such a division within their companies so my ideas never get seeded.

And hey, isn't the economy doing great! (that was sarcasm)

The very existence of this blog is actually not an option with google as google is currently set up. However, many of you can probably grasp how wonderful a tool a blog like this can be.

Alessandro Machi said...

petunia politik said...
hi again a,

actually, i have many posts since 3 months ago, lol. they update for me to another feed, so maybe it's the address?

would it be possible for you to email my priv. acct so that i can give u some more info, if that helps?

thanks- looking forward to hearing from you!


I'm going to delete your post so your email address remains unseen, but I copied your message over so that others can see this is another method for communicating, as long as one does not mind their email being visible until I can delete it.

Or, can I be emailed directly??? lol, I've never tried it.

petunia politik said...

feel free to email me. i just changed my feedburner address, but my setting were all open to allow blog transmission. this is weird!

i don't know how to email YOU directly. oh, how great were the days when big brother wasn't looking. *sigh*

maybe updating the feedburner address helped? pls let me know:)

Alessandro Machi said...

Nope, still shows 3 months ago. I did notice that you have your blog set to show only one topic. Why is that?

You might as well have it show 3 or 5 or 7 of your last articles (I think you can go all the way up to 30 of your most recent articles).

Maybe that is somehow affecting your blog status on this forum?

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Petunia, your blog is now updating! Did you change something? (sorry for using the word change).

Grail Guardian said...

Wow - What a great site! Just found it today, but am bookmarking it!


Diamond Tiger said...

Alessandro -
Everyone coming to my site from here is getting a 404 message. Can you check the link?


truthisgold said...

PUMA Lives! Now that Obama is temporarily out of the immediate agenda, we all have time to rest and regroup, reformulate and move forward, more organized and energized than ever before!

Many many thanks to all, and remember, we will never give up!

Best to all!

1950democrat said...

I don't have a linkable blog set up yet, but could you add this link somewhere?


I'm adding new info as I find it.

I'm a longtime PUMA under several handles: Old Democrat, turndownobama, PumaResponders, fsteele, FLora Steele.

Alessandro Machi said...

I just noticed a few more responses! I am having difficulty having one short excerpt on the very top of the blog, then when it is clicked on, it would expand to the full article.

I may have to start a second blog just so I can feed one main article everyday here.

diamond girl, I don't know which blog you are! Clinton dems, I still have to figure out where to put links only. the way this site is set up, it finds the freshest article from another site and replaces the prior one with the newer one.

grail guardian, I think I have you already listed???

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