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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Open Mike Wednesday! Give a Shout Out to a PUMA Blogger or Cause.

Publicize an upcoming PUMA meeting or Event in the comments section.


Stray Yellar Dawg said...

Daily PUMA is now blogrolled at Team Sarah:


Keep up the good blogging!

Stray Yellar Dawg said...

Also bloggrolled ya in my group:


Anonymous said...

Great site! Go PUMAs!

Anonymous said...

All PUMA, Hillary supporters, and moderate Republicans and Democrats, please join us at:

The NEW Hillary/PUMA Forum!

Pot Kettle Black said...

Uhm, isn't the time for putting the shaft to party unity past?
Obama won, he's gonna be the next President and if you don't like it, why not work on a third party, one that doesn't have Ass as part of the name.

Really, you can't have a negative proposition as a center point to hold a movement together (Party Unity with Obama is bad being your neg proposition).

Alessandro Machi said...

I go to a track and field sporting event, and at the start of the 100 yard race, one contestant leaves early, and wins.

I realize that a fair amount of people noticed, but that because they are middle aged, retired, work two jobs, or are a single family household, or female, their concerns are ignored.

Instead, the officials primarily notice that the younger crowd is totally electrified by the "winner". The emotion of the younger crowd is value more than the intellect of the more mature crowd.

When I point out what I and others saw, I am told to either forget about it, accept it, am accused of imagining it, to just move on, or that I am racist.

If I am ever to go to another track event, I want the truth to be admitted. Even as time goes on, I still expect the truth to be admitted so the same thing does not happen the next time around.

Anonymous said...

Shout out to Capitol Hill Forum ! Wonderful, witty and SMART refugees from DU and Dkos who saw a better world outside of the hate.

Go PUMAs..


Alessandro Machi said...

One of my best days on my own personal blog was the day back in May when I posted pictures of an MSNBC protest in Burbank. I seem to recall that many of the hits came from Capitolhillforum.

Is registration closed right now?

petunia politik said...


We all owe you a hearty thanks for all that you've done here. Having a central location with constant updates gives us all a sense of community. We sorely need that as we watch the undoing of decency and fairness unfold before our eyes.


Alessandro Machi said...

Thank you for thanking me petunia.

Thanking other PUMA bloggers is just as satisfying for me. As a matter of fact, if anyone wants to chronicle how PUMA was founded, we'll take a day and make that the topic of the day.

Anonymous said...

You are innovative and Brilliant allessandro..

An internet PUMA Oasis where all the great headlines can be seen right at our fingertips.

I would add you to my Blog but it's been stolen..hopefully the $10,000 Reward offered will be incentive enough for it's swift return.


Alessandro Machi said...

Perhaps your ransomer is waiting for an offer in PUMA dollars.

Anonymous said...

well, I'm beginning to think I fell in with a mean spirited one I mistook for a classy professional.

Time will tell.

Puma dollars...I like it! :-)

Anonymous said...


The founding of PUMA is a topic up for debate. There are varying memories, and "some" who prefer to create revisionist history. Maybe we should simply say that several factions were involved and the viral spread of the concept was unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

Shot out To PUMAs !

Trying to sell wristbands to help retire Hillary Clintons debt because no other American in this country is stupid enough to send her money.


Whooo Hoooo !

Alessandro Machi said...

That Debt thing, hmmm. Primarily exists because Hillary was pressured by the media into "suspending" her campaign.

Once the no hope signal went up, Hillary Clinton supporters refused to donate to the party that didn't play fair.

As I recall, Hillary didn't even have her own page donation page anymore.

I still think it would be a good thing to try and timeline and credit the beginning of the PUMA movement.

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