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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post Suffers Nervous Breakdown.

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It appears that Arianna Huffington never got over her own failed attempt at a TV show eleven years ago called Beat the Press. Perhaps unable to deal with the stress of other woman gaining more notoriety than herself, Arianna Huffington appears to have lost it. Has the continued success of both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin ruined Rock Huffington?

As both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin continue their successful political careers, the best Arianna Huffington can do is stay in the background, write an occasional book, get ignored, and stew about it.

It is believed that Hillary Clinton's desire to have her biggest detractors removed from Barack Obama's team as terms of her accepting Secretary of State have set Ms. Huffington into orbit.

Just last week Huffington was allegedly seen arguing with Keith Olbermann's make up person about adding a graying mustache and silver streaks to her hair so she could "do the news".

Cowering in the corner as Huffington attempted to apply silver mustache and matching silver branded hair to herself, Olbermann, known to rant at anything in a female form, decided the best course of action was to flee the station as he yelled, Scooby dooooo to the rescue.

Once Huffington was talked out of her desire to host Olbermann's show, she headed over to Rachel Maddow's set threatening to reveal that Maddow is Olbermann's altered ego, if she didn't get air time.

Huffington's takeover of the Maddow show lasted one night and was a resounding disaster. Only able to speak at half the speed and 1/5th the clarity of Maddow, Huffington held the Maddow show crew hostage for the entire hour as she shook her fist at the camera repeatedly and chortled "I'm better than all of me put together" thoughout the show.

Things would only get worse after Sarah Palin's interview in front of a Turkey "processing" plant which has set off additional bizarre behavior by Huffington. In a final fit of what can only be described as "I'm melting"... Huffington Post has run the following headline in an effort to derail the appointment of Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State...

One can only wonder who would give this person Venture Capital Funding to continue more of this same kind of petty garbage.


Anonymous said...

Arianna in meltdown mode and turns into a puddle of sludge?...

Oh Well!

Anonymous said...

Where CAN a woman vent her suppressed rage at losing her man to another man, if not behind the scenes on the Keith Olbermann Show? I know a lot of folks who used to think Scooby Doo was kinda cute. Oh my! This could have ended so much better than it probably will for the rejected by every who's who with a brain and a libido in society diva! She should have chased him out of the studio professing her undying love for him. The sparks would fly from that point on! Can you imagine the ratings!? I'm on pins and needles waiting for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Dang it! I should have said BARKING her undying love for him. We DO want her well after all. You see, I've learned recently that barking in public is better than prozac (never know WHAT you'll learn on youtube).

Virginia said...

Good job, Allesandro. Wonderful poetic justice making Arianna herself the object of ridicule. I hope your post goes viral!

Pumas Unleashed said...

And the answer to your question is:

George Soros

Alessandro Machi said...

Except this story is true! (that was a joke).

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Virginia. A delayed bulb went off regarding your comment. Virginia said...

"Good job, Allesandro. Wonderful poetic justice making Arianna herself the object of ridicule. I hope your post goes viral!"

The Media would never let the story go Viral. The only way it will go viral, is if PUMA's also reprint it on their blogs.

However, Daily PUMA hasn't been around that long for that to happen. Eventually, overtime, perhaps we'll find a mechanism where the PUMA community will see the need to broadcast the same message at the same time to reach as many people as possible.

The Huffington headline will probably be seen by about 300 people before it is taken down, then an occasional hit everyday from Google.

Not enough of a dent, that is just the reality, for now. Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington's Lewinsky article that was meant to ridicule both Barack Obama AND the Clinton family was read by perhaps a hundred thousand people or more.

Anonymous said...

Was this an actual article? I went over to HuffandPuff but it wasn't anywhere to be found. I wanted to make sure it gets posted at Hillary's Village, POC Puma, and Pumapac.org.

Alessandro Machi said...

Yes, it presumably is a satirical article.

Oh the irony of putting a link and actually giving Huffington Post more hits.


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